Virtual Visit Billing

Adapt to the Virtual Medical Arrangement Seamlessly

The pandemic has paved the way for a new era of virtual medical services, and you need the right partner to incorporate it within your framework. Easy Billing Services’ team of experts is adaptive and will facilitate all aspects of your virtual visit billing.

The goal is to allow you to focus on integration and transformation without worrying about billing and related data management. So, set up a meeting now, and let’s discuss the details.

Virtual Visit Billing Features

The normalization of outpatient remote services is a relatively new concept, especially considering the scope of its application. However, Easy Billing Services has always prioritized learning and adaptability, allowing us to meet your needs and excel at the job.

Following are some of the critical features of our Virtual Visit Billing services that will ensure you get the best possible support while you focus on core operations:

1. Compliance With Telehealth Policies

Relevant authorities are still in the process of creating a suitable policy framework for outpatient remote services; hence, compliance requirements change often. Our teams vigilantly track all developments and ensure that the Easy billing Services products and services remain compliant.

The adjustments typically pertain to data recording, security, storage, and reporting, and we will ensure that your organization follows all necessary protocols.

2. Coding for Outpatient Remote Services

Virtual visits are likely to become a regular part of the medical care process and have received unique coding regulations for tracking and recording data. The Easy Billing Services team knows the coding requirements and incorporates the information into its technologically advanced billing software.

Maintaining the updated coding system is beneficial for data management and simplifies internal and external audits.

3. Data Integration and Management

Easy Billing Services uses advanced billing software to enter data and manage your billing needs. The software simplifies the billing process and data management through strategic integration to improve access and efficiency.

This data integration is instrumental for smooth inter-departmental coordination and will provide necessary information to enhance patient support.

4. Medicare Integration

We understand how critical it is for the system to incorporate insurance information during the billing process. Therefore, the Easy Billing Service software is connected to the Medicare database and extracts relevant patient information to check their latest insurance status.

This connectivity allows up to provide service accuracy and notify patients of updates to their information.

5. Reporting and Analytics

The Easy Billing Services team records and organizes all billing and claims data regularly, allowing the system to create relevant performance reports.

Our system is programmed to regularly generate simplified, automated reports and analytics to help your team review performance metrics and make relevant strategic changes.

We also continue updating the system and incorporate any advancements that can help improve accuracy.

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