Danielle Gonzales

Expert in DME and Medicare Part B Billing: Easy Billing Services.

Hi, there, I’m Danielle.

My team specializes in medical billing for a diverse range of healthcare providers.

Modern technology has made DME and the medical billing industry more streamlined. Although recent regulations have made the industry more demanding. You want the most out of your reimbursement rates.

But you need to spend your time generating more patients, qualifying your potential customers, and helping people. You need someone with the knowledge of how to make the best of these new regulations.

That’s where I come in.

Since 1999, I have helped DME and Medicare Part B suppliers, Medicare providers, and their patients navigate the confusing waters of insurance billing guidelines. With 24 years of experience in the field, I know the DME and Medicare Part B medical billing services industry inside and out.

Before I founded Easy Billing Services, I gained experience and knowledge working in the suppliers’ offices and in the trade show industry. My background gives me a unique perspective and a thorough understanding of the entire DME and Medicare process. After acquiring such a vast knowledge of both sides of the industry, I’m proud to share what I learned with suppliers and medical providers.

It’s not difficult to find a DME and Medicare billing service, but it is difficult to find one with the professionalism and personal touch I bring to my business.

I know how to get around challenging billing problems so that my clients can benefit.

In fact, I am so well-versed in this industry that I can simply look at a claim and know immediately if the insurance company will approve or deny it. I can spot problematic claims from a mile away. This allows me to fix any issues on the front end. My knowledge saves our clients time and money.

My mission is to apply my extensive medical billing knowledge and expertise to our services and share it with suppliers throughout the United States.