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We understand the critical role credentialing plays in the seamless functioning of healthcare practices. Our dedicated team ensures that you stay up-to-date and compliant with evolving industry standards. Explore our extensive credentialing services tailored to meet the unique needs of various healthcare providers. Contact us today.

Our credentialing services include the following:

  • Provider Enrollment (all types in all states):
    • Medicare (using PECOS for online enrollment)
    • Medicaid (all states)
    • Commercial Insurance
    • IPA’s
    • HMO’s
    • Medicare and Medicaid Revalidation
    • Medicare DMEPOS Enrollment for Physician Groups
    • Medicare DME Enrollment for all DME business types
  •  Medical Licensing – all provider types in all states
  •  CAQH:  Setup profile online and ongoing maintenance and attestation
  •  NPI Registration (Type I and II)
  •  Hospital Privilege Applications
  • Credentialing – Primary Source Verifications
  • Medical Practice Setup
  • Specialize in DME (setup, accreditation applications, enrollments, etc)

Provider Enrollment:
Our credentialing services encompass a wide spectrum, including seamless provider enrollment for all types in all states. We specialize in efficient Medicare enrollment using PECOS for online convenience, Medicaid enrollment across all states, and enrollment with various commercial insurance providers. Additionally, we assist with IPA’s (Independent Practice Associations) and HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organizations) to streamline your provider network.

Revalidation Services:
Stay ahead of the curve with our Medicare and Medicaid revalidation services. We ensure that your credentials remain current and compliant, allowing you to focus on providing quality healthcare services. Our team specializes in Medicare DMEPOS enrollment for physician groups and DME enrollment for all types of DME businesses.

Licensing and Registrations:
Navigating the complexities of medical licensing is made easier with our support. We handle licensing for all provider types in all states, including the setup and ongoing maintenance of CAQH profiles. Our expertise extends to NPI registration for both Type I and Type II classifications, ensuring your practice is well-recognized.

Hospital Privilege Applications:
For a holistic approach to credentialing, we assist in hospital privilege applications. This comprehensive service ensures that your healthcare providers have the necessary privileges, facilitating seamless collaboration within the healthcare system.

Primary Source Verifications and Compliance:
Credentialing involves thorough primary source verifications, and we excel in this crucial aspect. Our commitment to compliance ensures that your practice adheres to industry regulations, giving you peace of mind in your daily operations.

Medical Practice Setup:
Starting a new medical practice? Our credentialing solutions extend to medical practice setup, providing the foundational support you need to establish a successful healthcare venture.

Specialization in DME:
As specialists in DME, we offer comprehensive support, including setup, accreditation applications, enrollments, and more. Trust us to navigate the unique challenges of DME credentialing, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch services.

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