DME & Medicare Part B Billing Services with a professional, knowledgeable, and personalized approach.

Danielle Gonzales
Danielle Gonzales
Owner, Easy Billing Services

Medical Billing That Makes Your Life A Lot Easier

Easy Billings Services helps suppliers and providers receive the highest reimbursement rates for medical billing services. With over 20 years of experience, Easy Billing Services is your one-stop destination for comprehensive medical billing services.

Whether it’s the day-to-day complexities or an unusual situation, our clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise. You focus on serving your patients, and we focus on serving your office’s medical billing needs without wasting their time or money. With a cost-effective flat rate, we simplify the DME and Medicare Part B  medical billing process.

Who Uses Our Billing Services?

Easy Billing Services has a team of experts who know the ins and outs of providing billing services, especially for healthcare facilities. Their knowledge, technical skills, and industrial insights allow us to provide optimal billing services to support your organization.

Chiropractic Practices

Our Chiropractic billing services are ideal for chiropractors with thriving businesses who need additional support. Our specialized billing software and services manage billing and claims, allowing the practitioners to focus on their core business strategy and patients.

Medical Clinics

To meet regulatory requirements, individual medical clinics need to maintain data management and reporting compliance, especially for billing purposes. Our data integration capabilities, organization, and compliance knowledge are ideal for them because it allows them to give more time and attention to patients.


Hospitals are busy, and they need an experienced partner to manage their billing services. Our DME and Medicare billing services are the most suitable for such organizations because they consistently need the equipment but don’t have the time to document and store their data properly.

Our team and billing systems help code and track the equipment and enter it into data systems to meet regulatory compliance.

Therapy Clinics

Therapy clinics have always been busy, but their workload has increased significantly since the pandemic. We understand their need to devote more time to their patients and design customized services to manage billing on their behalf.

Our systems are also connected to the Medicare database, allowing us to review and incorporate insurance information in the billing process.


Although laboratories don’t have the exact needs of hospitals, they require detailed tracking of their equipment. Our medical billing services help tag each test tube, beaker, and similar laboratory equipment and enter the information into the database.

This information is accessible for laboratory employees, and they can use it to track the equipment’s lifecycle and use it to improvise order strategy.

Group Practices

Easy Billing Services supports group practices by consolidating their billing data and organizing it separately. The goal is to ensure practitioners remain updated about total revenue, claims, etc., while maintaining their performance reports.

The distinction helps them discuss strategies to support their group and individual growth and client acquisition.

Hospice Care Centers

Hospice care is a specialized facility and leaves the management with little time to run after billing and data management needs. Our billing services take over complete responsibility for the billing process, including data storage and claims management.

We ensure hospice employees meet all reporting regulations and get the time to improve patient care and other operations.

“Once we partnered with Easy Billing Services, our DME profit center has sky-rocketed and there haven’t been any overpayment requests to date.”