“Our medical practice is one of the largest volume practices in California. We had been performing in-house billing for the last twenty years. When we started billing for DME several years ago, we received an overpayment notice from Medicare of approximately $3,000. That was the last time we billed Medicare until we met Easy Billing Services.

In 2003, our volume of DME was virtually nothing; I did not dispense DME because of our bad experience. Once we partnered with Danielle and Easy Billing Services, our DME profit center has sky-rocketed and there haven’t been any overpayment requests to date.

Easy Billing Services has helped us overturn all of our denials, and is responsible for our continued work with DME. Easy Billing has made it so trouble-free that only one full-time employee deals with this large volume of billing. Thank you, Easy Billing Services!”

Dr. Gabriel J. Halperin

“Since coming on board as Operations Manager for Mobility Therapy, a PL Borgardt & Associates company in July 2007, Danielle and her company, Easy Billing Services, has been my invaluable ally. She has been patient, persistent, and responsive with all our Medicare billing requirements.

In the face of decreasing allowables and increased costs and scrutiny, Easy Billing Services has been my partner in maintaining the highest possible level of customer service. With Easy Billing on our team, our patients have one less thing to worry about, and I sleep just a little easier.”

Gary Chambers B.A., ATS

Mobility Therapy